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Sound Tableaus

sound tableau is an interactive surround sound composition that allows you to control the sounds you hear with, in this case, your mouse.

A quick tutorial..


More about tableaus…

The tableau has a defined rectangular area on the page, like a canvas, that is populated by sound objects and sound spaces. Each is different, with a variety of moods ranging from more musical to abstract.

To move between tableaus, you must find a sound link. Sound links can be located anywhere on the page. Listen for a distinct sound that only plays when you move over it with your mouse then click it. To restart at the beginning, click the top left corner of any tableau.


It is recommended that you use headphones.

I suggest that you close your eyes and move your mouse around slowly and listen to where you are travelling in relation to the sounds around you. The sounds to the left can be approached by moving your mouse to the left and vice versa. Explore each tableau as there’s a lot to discover; each sound has a life of its own and each place that you travel on the tableau is unique.

If you need help while exploring the tableaus, press the space bar or click the ‘?’ in the bottom right corner. It will show you where the sound links are.

For a more immersive experience, switch to full screen. Most browsers will allow you to go to full screen by pressing F11, others have an option (like ‘presentation mode’) in the ‘view’ menu.

You’ll find some earmarks (or sweet spots that I’ve chosen) on certain tableaus. They are  small blue circles that show up on the help screen (push the space bar or click the question mark in the bottom corner). Put your mouse pointer inside any of the earmarks to listen

For more information about sound tableaus visit my blog and the FAQ.


Please leave a comment about the tableaus you explored on the site in the comments tab above.

Feel free to record an audio copy of your travels. If you use the audio for any of your projects please mention this site and send me a note; I’d like to hear about it.

If you’d like to create your own tableau, please send me an email (info at vertice.ca).

Special thanks to Louis-Xavier Buffoni for his flash development skills.

Click here to go to the sound tableaus.

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