Tableau Troubleshooting

Fullscreen Mode

F11 doesn’t work in all browsers, I noticed this particularly on Mac. Some browsers have a full screen option in the ‘View’ menu, for instance, Chrome has an option there named ‘Enter Presentation Mode’. Look for your browser’s version of full screen mode (or switch browsers ;)).

Sounds Disappearing

It can take a few seconds after the tableau appears for sounds to start streaming. Sometimes, though, when revisiting a tableau (either in a single session or between sessions) a sound will disappear often leaving a large gap of silence. The only way I’ve found to resolve this issue is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Sometimes a reload of the browser is necessary as well. Not great I know, anyone know why this happens?

Sound Looping Skips

This has been a frustrating issue. It stems from mp3 encoding and is very difficult to get around for continuous sounds that are meant to loop. I’ve done my best to reduce the effects but it is still quite noticeable in some spots.

Spacebar doesn’t load help

If the Flash pane isn’t selected the spacebar command won’t always work. If you’re having any trouble, just click anywhere within the tableau with your mouse and try the spacebar again. Alternately, the ‘?’ in the bottom right corner does the same thing.

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